3 09 2016

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated here. Sorry. I got a new day job and that whole dream job, freelancing on the side thing kind of got pushed aside for a bit.

Just because I haven’t updated this, doesn’t mean I haven’t been shooting though.  For a really quick recap of summer, check out my Flickr Here.

Otherwise, stay tuned for a series of makeup posts. I had several adventures including Michigan, Wisconsin, a new Theater’s debut, and a few festivals.


My favorite, the black eyed susan.


My least favorite, poison Ivy… this photo is in Michigan though I got poison Ivy (for the first time in 30+ years of camping and hiking) this year in Wisconsin.


Honey Bee. So very important.


Chi-Town Rising Photos

2 01 2016

So I had the awesome opportunity to photograph the inaugural Chi-Town Rising New Year’s Eve event in Chicago. The photos are up on Chicagoist.com Their write up pretty much nails the event on the head. The TV broadcast was great, the actual turnout and hype not as much. My biggest complaint, there was no where to warm up. That is unless you paid the top dollar price, then you had access to a warming tent with tables and a private bar.

Check out the Chicagoist’s write up and my photos!


2015 Chicago Marathon Costumes

14 10 2015

Check out the slideshow of the Best Costumes from the Chicago Marathon on ChicagoMag.comBYW_9093

Chicago Marathon 2013

15 10 2013

So I covered the 2013 Chicago Marathon on Sunday for Time Out Chicago. I was stationed in Chinatown. It’s very different at mile 21.5 than it is at mile 2. I saw people falling, getting picked up by ambulance and many, many people walking. At mile 2 people were just getting going. To see photos from Chinatown/the Marathon check out the slide show on Time Out Chicago dot Com.


I also contributed to the “Best Spectator Signs of the Chicago Marathon” slide show.


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