Art Forms In Flux 2.0

29 10 2016

On April 16th, round two of Art Forms in Flux happened at the Hairpin Arts Center, in Chicago.




The show included everything from dance and fashion shows to projection art, installation art and giant inflatables. It was an evening that will not soon be forgotten by those who attended this unique mash up of medias, all inspired by the script for the play State Park, written by Aaron Weissman.



26 02 2016

So THIS is HAPPENING! TOMORROW! Get your tickets, starting at only $10!! There will be dance, art, espionage, fashion, camping, music and more… you really don’t want to miss this!!

More info here:!fluxus-1415/c3ro


Pro Fashion

10 09 2010

I just had to pay for a pro account on Flickr. It yelled at me for uploading too many photos. Oh well, I think it should be worth it.

In the mean time, here are some shots I did about a year ago, for my studio II class final. I made mockeries of several fashion commercials, in the actual commercials everything is perfect, airbrushed to the point of having no knuckles. More real? Maybe. At least more fun.

Always the perfect man.

Never a chipped nail.

Everything perfectly tailored.

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