2015 Chicago Marathon Costumes

14 10 2015

Check out the slideshow of the Best Costumes from the Chicago Marathon on ChicagoMag.comBYW_9093


Things I didn’t expect at the Chicago Marathon:

11 10 2015

1. Having a runner run up and hug me! A friend I haven’t seen in over a year, looking all good at mile 18!

2. Eminem to be “spirit music” on the loud speakers.

3. Over hearing a runner explaining an episode of Friends to another runner, also at mile 18.

4. A guy from Chicago Fire Department running the whole damn thing in full gear, and I mean tank and all.

Mister Fluxus – Ding Ding

3 10 2015



25 08 2015

My Wizard World ComicCon photos are up and ready for viewing on Chicagoist!


It was my first Con and I loved it. The creativity and craftsmanship of the costumes and the arts for sales were impressive. I did not get a chance to take part in any panels, or attend the costume contest due to my regularly scheduled programming, aka the day job, but I’m still super glad I got to go!

The Growling Rabbit

19 08 2015

The Growling Rabbit – A Cafe is a place I love. I worked there for around 3 years and now I still stop in at least once a week. Laura, my former boss and a generally awesome person was featured on The Native Society as a successful small business owner/entrepreneur. She enlisted me for her portrait.


If you want the world’s best cinnamon rolls, stop in on a Saturday or Sunday for brunch. Any other day of the week, check them out for a variety of Bombwiches (giant brunch sandwichs) or killer chorizo omelets, spinach and mushroom crepes, or vegan breakfast burritos. They’re extremely vegan and Gluten Free friendly, but never fear meat eaters, they also  have juicy delicious carnitas and other meaty eats available. Not to mention if you need a customer flavored and frosted birthday cake, they’re also a full bakery. You really can’t go wrong.

Tour de Fat Chicago 2015

12 07 2015

New Belgium Brewing is one of my favorite festivals to hit every year! Good beer, food trucks, performances, and perhaps most importantly bikes in all shapes, sizes and styles.

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Chicago Pride Parade 2015

29 06 2015

This is the first year I’ve been able to get off work to go to the Chicago Pride Parade… and it was a great year for it!





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