Full Moon Fire Jam

23 09 2016

On September 15th the last Full Moon Fire Jam of the summer took place at Foster Beach. If you missed it, no need to worry there is a fall addition in October!

For all of the photos check out the slideshow on Chicagoist Here!



For all of the photos check out the slideshow on Chicagoist Here!


Renegade Dance Architects (of Chicago)

29 06 2013

Last night was another symposium. This one was different for a few reasons though. One, I set it up. I was the contact for the dance company, the restaurant and the sound guy… and obviously for the photographer since I am the photographer! Two, this was the first symposium that wasn’t a stationary performer. We had dancers. Yes that’s plural. No sitting on a stool reading or talking or singing (well a little talking and reading between dances, but not exclusively stationary). Dancing. Up to thirteen girls dancing at a time in fact! Three, the dance company used the symposium as a fundraiser, which no other performer has tried before.


I hope the show went well for them. I don’t know if they made any money for the fundraiser.


The show started outside. It was really fun to watch peoples’ reactions to people dancing on the sidewalks of Rogers Park. A few people camera phone video’ed and others just stopped and stared. Some even just walking through like it wasn’t even happening. What an interesting social experiment. After performing outside for a time the show moved indoors. The weather cooperated wonderfully. It was warm and dry during the outdoor show and waited to do the torrential pour until everyone was safely inside. This torrential pouring brought about an epic rainbow.


It was hard to determine the actual turn out since there were a lot of dancers and people involved with the company there, but it seemed to be decent. We couldn’t have fit many more people in the Cafe anyway.





Check out what the Renegades are doing next here!


2 03 2012

Intermission Dance Company

On Monday, March 20th, the House of Blues Chicago hosted the Industry Talent Show. “The Industry” being the hospitality and food service industry. In other words, mostly people who work at the House of Blues, or near the House of Blues. The show had some amazing talent. My personal picks for favorite musical acts were definitely The Eye Inside, a rock opera and The Persistence of Memory, last year’s reigning champions. Other than musical performers there were two dance companies there to show their skills. Intermission Dance performed three pieces from their contemporary takes on Greek mythology and an unrelated piece from an upcoming show. For Dance performed a contemporary passion piece.


For Dance

For Dance

For Dance

Intermission Dance Company

Intermission Dance Company

Intermission Dance Company

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