Art Forms In Flux 2.0

29 10 2016

On April 16th, round two of Art Forms in Flux happened at the Hairpin Arts Center, in Chicago.




The show included everything from dance and fashion shows to projection art, installation art and giant inflatables. It was an evening that will not soon be forgotten by those who attended this unique mash up of medias, all inspired by the script for the play State Park, written by Aaron Weissman.



26 02 2016

So THIS is HAPPENING! TOMORROW! Get your tickets, starting at only $10!! There will be dance, art, espionage, fashion, camping, music and more… you really don’t want to miss this!!

More info here:!fluxus-1415/c3ro


Renegade Dance Architects (of Chicago)

29 06 2013

Last night was another symposium. This one was different for a few reasons though. One, I set it up. I was the contact for the dance company, the restaurant and the sound guy… and obviously for the photographer since I am the photographer! Two, this was the first symposium that wasn’t a stationary performer. We had dancers. Yes that’s plural. No sitting on a stool reading or talking or singing (well a little talking and reading between dances, but not exclusively stationary). Dancing. Up to thirteen girls dancing at a time in fact! Three, the dance company used the symposium as a fundraiser, which no other performer has tried before.


I hope the show went well for them. I don’t know if they made any money for the fundraiser.


The show started outside. It was really fun to watch peoples’ reactions to people dancing on the sidewalks of Rogers Park. A few people camera phone video’ed and others just stopped and stared. Some even just walking through like it wasn’t even happening. What an interesting social experiment. After performing outside for a time the show moved indoors. The weather cooperated wonderfully. It was warm and dry during the outdoor show and waited to do the torrential pour until everyone was safely inside. This torrential pouring brought about an epic rainbow.


It was hard to determine the actual turn out since there were a lot of dancers and people involved with the company there, but it seemed to be decent. We couldn’t have fit many more people in the Cafe anyway.





Check out what the Renegades are doing next here!

Glenwood Ave Arts Festival 2012

8 09 2012

My favorite festival of the year happened in August. I spent almost every minute I was not at work, at the art festival. My friends Simone and Eti had a booth selling their hilarious and beautiful cards, Iron Woman Cards. Most of my time was spent at their booth and checking out bands playing on any of the three stages at the festival.

One of my favorite local bands played Saturday night again this year. Environmental Encroachment the magic circus marching band started with a parade around the festival and then rocked the stage. They are unlike any other band I’ve seen. There are lots of people in this band and not everyone plays an instrument. Members of EE juggle, hoola hoop, throw batons, and dance. I unfortunately will be out of town for their show at the Mayne Stage in September. If you’re in Chicago though, I highly recommend seeing them at some point! You won’t be disappointed.

Rogers Park is my favorite place. It’s a very diverse neighborhood. I could eat a different culture’s food every night of the week. There is a growing art district with galleries, theaters and street art abounding. I really enjoy living here.

Glenwood Ave Arts Fest 2011

3 09 2011

I know this post is a little over due. I’ve been working and job hunting, and even went on a little over night exertion to Starved Rock State Park, but more on that later!

The Glenwood Ave Arts Fest is still the best art fest I’ve been to in Chicago. I have been to a lot of the free festivals too! What makes the Glenwood Festival better, for me at least, is the diversity and variety of options it offers. This year, I watched the performance of a traditional Uzbekistan wedding dance, a bluegrass band, a ska band, and a magic circus band, among many other performances!

As for the art available for purchase and to view, there was everything from your typical beaded jewelry and crochet baby hats to “say what you REALLY mean” cards and air plant terrariums. I may be a little bias toward the ‘say what you really mean’ cards, since my friends at Iron Woman Cards are the ones to make them. The cards really are hilarious though.

The Glenwood festival offers more than just artists sitting at booths, there are also open studios!  Local artists invite you into their work spaces to see finished and in-progress works. These works vary from paintings and drawings to elaborate sculptures and multimedia exhibitions.  There is also the B1E sculpture garden. The garden is there year round, but spruced up with new sights for the festival.

Evil Squirrel Comic shop had illustrator Brian J. Crowley, in house painting mini paintings for a dollar each. The shop also had a variety of specials on all things comic, from books to collector items.

The local shops offer a variety of foods, JB Alberto’s pizzeria had a separate stand out on the street serving up pizza by the slice. All of the restaurants along the streets had their doors open, and specials running. Red Line Tap had a 312 Tap truck with a few choices of beer. You’re actually allowed to wander the festival and sip your beer at the Glenwood Arts festival, unlike most Chicago festivals who don’t allow drinks on the streets.

I really enjoyed watching Deal’s Gone Bad (local Ska band, gone national) and Environmental Encroachment play. I even bought an EE shirt and CD. I have seen them play three times now, and always love it. Deal’s Gone Bad I had only seen once before, they opened for my Michigan Ska love Mustard Plug awhile ago. They were excellent! Unfortunately my local favorites the Mudflapps played at the same time as EE, so I only caught their last song, but they play in the neighborhood frequently, so hopefully I can catch them again soon when I don’t have to work super early the next morning!

For more photos check out my slide show on Time Out Chicago dot com!!

2010 Mass Underpass Voting Day Set (via Participatory Budgeting in the 49th Ward)

16 09 2010

I’m reblogging for the first time! If you want to see the finalists (voting was at the Glenwood Arts Fest, so sorry you already missed that part) check out the full blog post!

The finalists have been chosen for the 2010 Mass Underpass Murals competition! We were overwhelmed by the response from the artistic community, both local and citywide – over 200 entries were submitted exhibiting a wide range of artistic styles, from realistic to abstract.  A three-person panel of professional artists and administrators from Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the School of the Art Institute, who have extensive … Read More

via Participatory Budgeting in the 49th Ward


4 09 2010

J.O.E. Photos

I photographed J.O.E. tonight for the Time Out Website. First paid freelance!! Yeay!

The event was super cool. It was a “Joyous Outdoor Event” to be sure! Many bizarre and entertaining performances, lots of stuff for the kiddies, and a giant walk through art installation from the UK called the Luminarium, by the Architects of Air. Oh, and some Indy Rock bands through the earlier hours of the festival, if you’re into that crap. There were wagon races and broom stick/bucket headed horse races, and a variety of bubbles for the kids. As well as a “Feed The Mouth” bean bag toss. Random avant-garde performers wandered the open spaces. Clowns wrote and rehearsed poetry on ladders. There were food and beer tents.

Then there was the Luminarium. It’s giant, it’s red, it’s green, it’s blue and it’s silver. The thing is giant. From the outside it sort of looks like a carnival tent. The inside? That is harder to explain. It’s sort of like a giant inflatable maze, but it is only dimly lit by the fading daylight coming through the colored sections of material. The daylight has a little help from some flood lights around the base. It feels almost like some kind of natural cave system as you wander through it. Many people find nooks and lay down, or just sit and look around. It’s calming and soothing, and amazing. It’s hard to leave.

There is a good reason to leave the insides of this astounding work of art however. Toward the end of the evening each night, Red Moon Theater presents their feature act, Last of My Species II: The Perilous Songs Of Bibi Merhdad. This is theater for everyone. Fake technical issues, real technical issues, love, laughs, music, cheerleaders and cannons, it’s got it all!

If you live in the Chicago area, the festival continues Saturday and Sunday night 6-10pm and Monday 1-6pm.  I highly recommend checking it out. Red Moon Theater organized the festival and do a huge performance at the end of each night. This is the first annual J.O.E.

As for Bed Bugs, we are not infested. We do not need to throw out our furniture as originally feared. We have only found two total, and for all we know it was the same one. So…. knock on wood, the problem will be solved with a little extra diligent cleaning and a preemptive attack/visit by the exterminator. Whew.

Update: The photos are already up!! J.O.E. Photos

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