City Choice

26 09 2013

Andy’s sister and brother in law bought a house, well a mansion really, in the Villages neighborhood of Detroit. It’s right down the street from the Mayor’s mansion, a quarter mile from Bell Isle and a block from the river. It’s huge and beautiful. It’s livable, but definitely a fixer upper. They have offered Andy and I a way back to Michigan. Which we’ve been yearning for for a while. They have offered to let us live with them rent free, in exchange for helping fix up the house. I’m completely torn about whether to take them up on the offer.

In the mean time, we spent a few days of our recent trip to Michigan checking out Detroit. Neither Andy or I had been into the city proper in probably close to 8 years.


Wow! The city is cleaner and safer and more beautiful than I remember, and I always thought it was beautiful! It still has a ways to come to catch up to the “clean and safe” of say Chicago, but it’s turning around and quick!



A few things that I really love about Chicago however, Detroit doesn’t have. Mainly, mass transit. I LOVE the L and the bus system here in Chicago. I haven’t owned a car in years. I don’t miss it! (Except for the occasional weekend get away that could happen with a car.) I also love the lake front in Chicago. Yeah, Detroit has the river front which is beautiful, but you can’t swim in the river. Things Detroit does have though are new opportunities and hope. Both of which Chicago been lacking in the last year or two. What Chicago is also lacking is proximity to family. Detroit also has the upper hand in close friends.



Then there is the whole, yet unopened can of worms, moving in with family. Anyone’s family, not just Andy’s.  Either way, if we do move to Detroit, it won’t be until spring… unless I can find a job there before then…




3 responses

26 09 2013

Wow! You have a big decision to make. I hope your in-laws succeed on rehabilitating the mansion they bought. Detroit is full of rejuvenation and people who are willing to create the city we can all be proud of 🙂

4 10 2013

Thank you! They did such a lovely job with their little place in Royal Oak. I would imagine the mansion will take a few more years, but will turn out just as amazing! Detroit is a beautiful place, I’d love to be a part of the rejuvenation.

4 10 2013

Royal Oak is such a fun city too! Hope your decision making goes smoothly 😉

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