Holi inspired Summerfest 2013

25 08 2013

As there is no working website and apparently the only places to hear about this festival were Groupon and YouSwoop, I am not really sure what it was called. It was advertised as a Summer Festival Paint Fight, inspired by the Indian holiday Holi.


The paint fight, hanging out with friends, eating good food and getting free stuff from a great non-profit (Plan’s Because I am a Girl) was all wonderful. The food was provided by three guys at an unmarked table with a grill. The food was Jamaican jerk chicken, that was incredibly delicious! We told the guy we were splitting our two food tickets between five people and he kindly threw in some extra chicken for us! Super cool of him. The non-profit Because I am a Girl helps put an end to child slavery and child marriage. They were giving out free press on tattoos and if you signed up for their mailing list bracelets, lanyards,  pins or frisbees. If you pulled a sign up sheet from their pile that had a sticker on it you got a special prize. I drew one with a yellow star sticker, so I received a Plan t-shirt! It’s a large, but I’ll make it into a tank top so I can wear it. The best part of the festival was the paint. By the time we left everyone was completely covered and the ground was rainbow. So we enjoyed ourselves very much!


The festival as a whole however… very poorly planned. The first issue at hand was the wrong address was advertised and printed on the Groupon/YouSwoop so the festival was pretty much unattended until almost 5:30pm when it was supposed to start at 4pm. My friends and I didn’t find the place until about 5pm, though we were downtown and at the given address at 4pm. Second, just a little odd, the food available was Jamaican even though the festival was supposed to be based off of an Indian holiday. The food was delicious, it was just odd. Third, the lady working the keg over pumped it so the beer was completely foamy. Considering you had to pay extra for the beer, we were none to happy to find out that a 2/3 foam 1/3 beer cup counted as one of your “two cups” of beer. Fourth, and probably the worst part of the whole day, the prices kept being changed. When we arrived we were told that since we spent $10 on YouSwoop we had to pay an extra $5 for beer and an extra $5 for food so a total of $20, which made sense since the people who bought through GroupOn paid $20 for all inclusive tickets. OK, no biggy. We paid $5 for the beer wrist band and decided to wait on the food. Boy am I glad we did! People who paid for the food wrist band, were later told that you had to buy tickets for food! So luckily we only had to pay once, since we waited. Andy showed up about an hour after the rest of us since he had had to work in the morning, and they charged him $6 for the drink wrist band that we all paid $5 for as well. We were also told when we arrived that we could come up and get more bags of paint once we ran out, unlimited. About an hour in we went up to get more paint and were told it cost $1 per bag. About a half hour after that it cost $1.50 per bag. We talked to other people at the festival (who had paid through GroupOn) and found out they had been told that food and drink was extra for them as well. What happened to the $20 including everything like we had been told? This was news to the GroupOn people, and they were non-to-happy about that.

BYW_3938Am I glad I went this year? Yes. It was fun. Would I go again next year? Or recommend it to my other friends? No. It was far too disorganized and turned out to be expensive with all the price hikes!





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