House Guests

23 08 2013

One of my very good friends from back home in Michigan came for a visit. She brought her adorable 8 year old daughter with her. I learned a lot about American Girl Dolls and listened to more Iron Maiden/Metal than I have in quite some time. Yes, Iron Maiden is her daughter’s favorite band. We unfortunately didn’t make it out to Kuma’s for burgers, but we decided that was for the best since she would have wanted to order the Iron Maiden burger, which she wouldn’t have actually liked any of the toppings on! hahaBYW_3820They went to the American Girl Doll Store, the Aquarium, The John Hancock Tower and wandered around downtown while I was at work. Together we got to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo including the petting zoo part, Giordano’s Pizza for some good Chicago stuffed pizza,  Hollywood Mirror and Ragstock (two wonderful stores that we have nothing like back in Michigan), Eat A Pita, Berger Park for some rock climbing (or “American Ninja Warrior”), and The Lakefront Cafe. We also spent some down time at our apartment catching up, seeing the suitcase full of doll clothes, and playing games. It was a fantastic weekend.

Just another reason I would love to move back to Michigan. All I need is a job that allows me to do so!



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