Friday Symposiums

15 05 2013

So the Friday Symposiums continue. Stella may have closed down, but we are not giving up so easily. We have hosted several at the Growling Rabbit Cafe, a few at the Heartland Cafe and have been invited to host events at The Coffee Shop (that’s actually the name of the place) and at Ciao Bella.  I’m more involved now, since I’m the manager at The Growling Rabbit and am completely in charge from the store end of things. I’m actually fully organizing my first event too! I’ve always helped with organizing the others, and of course have photographed, but this one coming up? It’s all me. June 28th. I’ll be sure to share how it turns out.

Jinnene Foster reads.

Jinnene Foster reads.

Naomi Kiernicki sings

Naomi Kiernicki sings.

Catherine McCaffery

Catherine McCaffery reads.

Jinnene Foster

Jinnene Foster performs.

I can’t believe how busy my next week is. I work every single day yesterday through Saturday. Sunday I have a photo shoot. (A paid photo shoot!! hooray!!) Monday I have to buy luggage and pack. Tuesday Andy and I fly to New York for a week long vacation. I hope everything runs smoothly. I’m so very, very excited to see my family (mom, dad, aunt, uncle and maybe even a few cousins will all be in town for my brother’s graduation!) also, my best friend Stephanie and her husband Chris! I’m really excited to get to know Chris. Andy and I have only met him once, at their wedding.




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