7 05 2013

So I just read through my last post the “Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl 6” one… yikes! I shouldn’t write blog posts when I am sleep deprived and/or stressed out. That was rambling and didn’t make a lick of sense at points. Sorry.

I’m very excited for two upcoming events.

First, on May 19th I have my first paid photo shoot of the summer! Rob, the guy who had me shoot “Pour Out Your Heart for Chicago Commons” last fall, again hooked me up with this shoot. The shoot will be a triathlon in Niles Illinois, at the Leaning Tower YMCA. It’s called the leaning tower YMCA, because there is a miniature leaning tower of Pisa. It’s one of the things to see on my “before I move from Chicago” list (which right now is a mental list!).

Second, is New York!! I can’t wait for vacation! I’m not excited for New York City particularly, it’s never been high on my list of places to go, but I love to travel and I love to see new places. My brother is graduating from Columbia University (yeah our family has a thing for “Columbia”) with his MPA. Andy and I are going to be staying at my best friend’s house in Highlands, NJ. I am excited to see the beautiful natural areas of the east coast. I’ve been to Boston, but it was years ago with my parents and I don’t remember it too well. Karl, my brother, has promised us a tour of his campus and living arrangements. He lives in student housing, for now, and calls it his six by six closet. He has a temporary job on campus for the summer and is looking for an apartment with some buddies of his. He is also job hunting.

I am also still job hunting. uhg.



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