Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl 6

22 04 2013

As always, the Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl put on by local theater PH Productions, was a fantastic time! We used “3D Gel” instead of latex this year. It was way more comfortable and came off much easier, though maybe a little too easily since parts of it were falling off before the pub crawl was even over. It looked great for most of the time, so I would say 3D gel is probably what we will use in the future.


Motivation seems to go in phases for costumes and makeup. I think it helped that Chicago Costumes, one of the sponsors, had a small army of make up artists charging $5 and up for face make up on the spot.


We made some wonderful new friends. They were at the Chicago ZPC for company research. They’re organizers for the Minneapolis ZPC. Their pub crawl attracts 30,000 people, which is WAY more than Chicago has. They were great to hang out with. Hopefully we were helpful in our knowledge of the Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl. Andy and I have participated for 4 years, but beyond that, we’re not really involved in the Zombie community. We do know our neighborhood though. We are going to try very hard to make it out to their crawl in Minneapolis, in October. I’ve never been to Minneapolis and I think something that awesome is more than enough good reason to go. I need to explore more cities either way.


Our group was more fun this year than last year as well. Last year we had a small group and only about half the people in our group were dressed up, let alone makeup-ed. So this year was good. Even the one guy in our group who requested Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance at EVERY bar and danced drunkenly on stage to it every time was friendly and entertaining.


I had round two of a job interview today. It was creepy and weird. The office was locked and the lights were all off when I got there. I had to call and a guy came from somewhere in the back to let me in. They then put me in a conference room with a table that sat twelve. At the other end of the room, not even on the table was a small (maybe 12″) monitor. This was my video interview from DC. Like I wasn’t nervous enough? How impersonal and awkward could it get. It’s alright. Interviews are good practice. Eventually when there is a job I really want I’ll have experience interviewing in. This job doesn’t really appeal to me for any reason other than it pays better than my current job and offers benefits. It barely involves photography, and has nothing to do with environmental conservation, gardening, or ecology.

I think my best bet now, is to go back to school. No matter how poor it makes me, since I don’t qualify for any federal aid. Apparently once you have a bachelor’s the government doesn’t think you deserve to continue your education, especially in a new field of study. I’m going to try to get some grants, scholarships, and aid through schools. I have two ideas to look more into right now. Harold Washington City College here in Chicago apparently has an interdisciplinary study involving photography, microbiology and the Chicago River. This is according to a zombie microbiologist I met at Farragut’s, one of the bars on the zombie pub crawl. I really want to look into this possibility. My other idea to look more into, is Michigan Tech’s Applied Ecology graduate program. They have a dual degree with the Peace Corps. I’m pretty sure that is the only way I could afford graduate school. Also, because of the Peace Corps aspect, they wouldn’t require me to go back to undergrad and get a bachelor of science to attend their grad program. Their program sounds so amazing and hands on. I’m so much better at applying things that learning them out of books. I think I could fit really well in the program. My only worry is leaving for two years of overseas service with the Peace Corps and leaving Andy (my boyfriend of 7 years behind). Two years is a long time to be away, in a possibly remote area where I may not get to communicate with him regularly. I think the experience could still be worth it. I have some option weighing to do, and a lot of research to figure out if I will even be allowed to do either program.




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