Macy’s Flower Show

2 04 2013

My parents came into town this weekend. I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  They’ve done most of the touristy type things they’re interested in doing here. I’ve lived in Chicago for almost seven years, after all. I mentioned this dilemma to one of my regular customers, and she mentioned that Macy’s was having their annual flower show this weekend. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I mentioned it to my parents, they googled it and decided it was a must.

2013-03-30 13.06.00

The 9th floor of Macy’s on State Street was spectacularly done up. Not that Macy’s going over the top with spectacle should surprise me after photographing Macy’s Glamorama and Glamorama Afterparty, but they do know how to go all out. For the Flower Show there were tropical flowers and plants everywhere and I mean floor to ceiling, as well as wall to wall. There were fountains, sculptures, benches, drapes, umbrellas and all manner of other decorations.

2013-03-30 13.09.25

This year’s theme was “The Painted Garden,” which apparently translates to “Indian Theme.” Thankfully, in my opinion, most of the plants were left natural. There were disappointingly some plants that were quite literally painted to match their respective set up.  None-the-less, everything was beautiful.

2013-03-30 13.04.03

Aside from the main room of flowers and ornate decorations there were also a few other sections of the show. One of these other sections was an area where you could purchase plants and books about plants and gardening. Most of the plants they had for sale were very reasonably priced. They had lots of air plants and orchids for sale. If my parents and I hadn’t been planning on spending the rest of the day wandering around downtown I would have bought an air plant or two. Overall, another wonderful, free activity in Chicago. I hope to attend the Flower Show again next year, and hopefully bring my real camera, not just my camera phone!

2013-03-30 13.22.36

On a completely unrelated note, I actually had someone at the cafe today do the “pay it forward” thing. I’ve always heard about people buying the person behind them in line or at the drive-thru their coffee or what not, but I’ve never had someone do it in my cafe! We were really quiet today, so he didn’t actually get to buy it for them in person, but he paid for a large coffee and told me to “use my discretion” and give the next person to order a large coffee their coffee on him. This pay it forward gentleman was a new face in the cafe. I’d only seen him once before, on Thursday or Friday of last week. I remember him because he was very polite, but called me things like “hun” and “sweetie” which usually rubs my nerves, but with his southern accent and exceedingly nice behavior, it was somehow more endearing. Today he was equally polite, and definitely nice. When my regular customer ordered the next large coffee, he laughed and said “fine, I’ll buy the next person theirs too! Let’s see how long the chain goes!” Typically the food service industry crushes my faith in humanity, this was one of few boosts and it was wonderful!




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