Sprouting Freshness

4 03 2013

So I can’t believe I didn’t know about sprouting until now! It’s so easy and the results are fresh, crisp, delicious and very good for you sprouts! Sprouting is also cheap. All you really need to buy are the seeds. There are fancy sprouting trays and bags and bottles that you can buy that supposedly make the process even easier, but really the cheap way is so easy already.

The method I’m using, aka the cheapest choice, is jar sprouting. I already had ball canning jars at home, but you could use an old dressing jar, washed out well. For a pint sized jar I use about 1Tbs of sprout seeds and 2Tbs for a quart jar. Dump the seeds in the jar, and soak for a couple hours. 2-4 hours seems to work well. After soaking you need to strain out the water. You can go the super cheap but disposable route and rubber band some cheesecloth over the mouth of the jar or go the slightly more, but still super cheap (about $3) eco-friendly reusable method of a screw on filter lid. Now that your seeds have been soaked and strained leave them in a room temperature, no direct sunlight location. Each day, twice a day rinse your seeds with cool clean water. In 5-7 days, sprouts!

It’s that easy.

After your sprouts start getting big you can move them to somewhere where they will get some sunlight, this will turn them slightly green. You don’t want them in the sun the whole time because this will make them bitter. You can keep them deprived of sunlight the entire time, but they will not have as much chlorophyll.  Sprouts have tons of vitamins, all types of amino acids, proteins, and even trace elements. They’re a super food. I like sprouts in salads, on sandwiches  and wraps, in stir frys and just by themselves, but there are endless ways to use them! I highly recommend trying this at home!

Here are a few places to get you started:

Cheapest seed packs: Pinetree Garden Seeds

Where I got my reusable jar top filters: Handy Pantry dot com




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