Pratt Pier

2 03 2013

On February 26th, Chicago saw another winter day. It was a beautiful blizzard that gave us about 5 or so inches of snow. Having heard about the blizzard that was on it’s way I brought my camera to work with me. I may have left for work (7:15am-ish) in quiet, calm weather but by the time I left work at around 4pm, the blizzard was in full gear. Huge waves crashed on the false shore created by the ice. I was careful to stay on the true shore line, where there is actually sand under all the snow and ice and not just freezing cold lake Michigan. I love this kind of weather. My camera, not so much… but it gets dragged along on my adventures weather it likes to or not.

Pratt Pier

Pratt Pier, Rogers Park, Chicago, IL



I was one of very few people out on the lake shore enjoying this weather. I was glad to see I wasn’t the only one though!


It wasn’t hard to tell where the “true shore” was. The wind had whipped most of the snow off the beach and the ice had shoved so hard into the land that it had caused earthquake like crevices.



On Pratt Beach there is a “dune restoration area” that is really just a small patch of beach grasses and native beach plants. Its pretty evident how much protection even this small patch affords the lake front. Not to mention how beautiful it looks year round!

So next time there is a blizzard near you, instead of hiding in doors and watching TV, I highly suggest putting on some heavy duty winter boots and a really warm coat, hat and if you’re not trying to manually adjust a fancy pants camera, gloves WITH fingers on them, so you can go out and see some of this beauty in reality. It’s breath taking. If you dress appropriately, you won’t even notice the cold until you’re back inside, promise.



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