Vacation Shuffle

22 09 2012

I’m in the midst of the pre-vacation last minute shuffle. Yet here I am updating my blog! Procrastinating or mind organizing? Hopefully a little bit of both!

Things I have yet to do, that need to be done before I can leave early Monday morning include transplanting my herbs to indoor pots (it’s supposed to frost while I’m away), sew new buttons on the dress I bought for the wedding, laundry, empty my camera’s memory cards and charge all the batteries, pack, do dishes, and go out to little India and buy my mom some more of the green tea I gave her for Christmas that she loves and my brother drank most of while he was staying with my parents over the summer.

I hope the leaves are starting to turn colors.

Andy and I have set two goals for while we’re in Michigan. Only one is a true necessity. Go to as many Cider Mills as possible. Cider Mills, well you can’t loose with them. They have fresh donuts, fresh caramel apples, and hopefully the most obvious and delicious of reasons, fresh cider!! The less important of the two goals? Go to Taco Bell as much as possible. We don’t have have Taco Bell near our house and it’s our favorite fast food. It’s also really cheap so that is our budget vacation goal.

Really, I just want the leaves to be turning colors.



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