Glenwood Ave Arts Festival 2012

8 09 2012

My favorite festival of the year happened in August. I spent almost every minute I was not at work, at the art festival. My friends Simone and Eti had a booth selling their hilarious and beautiful cards, Iron Woman Cards. Most of my time was spent at their booth and checking out bands playing on any of the three stages at the festival.

One of my favorite local bands played Saturday night again this year. Environmental Encroachment the magic circus marching band started with a parade around the festival and then rocked the stage. They are unlike any other band I’ve seen. There are lots of people in this band and not everyone plays an instrument. Members of EE juggle, hoola hoop, throw batons, and dance. I unfortunately will be out of town for their show at the Mayne Stage in September. If you’re in Chicago though, I highly recommend seeing them at some point! You won’t be disappointed.

Rogers Park is my favorite place. It’s a very diverse neighborhood. I could eat a different culture’s food every night of the week. There is a growing art district with galleries, theaters and street art abounding. I really enjoy living here.




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