Stella Symposiums

4 08 2012

Even though I no longer work at Stella, I still feel some strange desire to not see the place tank. Maybe it’s my love of small local businesses or maybe it’s because my regular customers there are so awesome (some even come up to the Rabbit just to visit me!) but I feel attached. Even after leaving that sinking ship as a place of employment, I have continued to photograph the Friday evening symposiums. It doesn’t hurt that some of the presenters are genuinely interesting to me. We’ve had horror/Sci-Fi authors reading their works, PhDs speaking on “After Capitalism,” and my personally most interesting topic, building crop biodiversity. I’m perpetually broke, so to go hear something intelligent on a Friday night for free, followed by a few drinks at Cunneen’s the bar just down the street is a much better use of my Fridays than just going to a bar. Here are some photos of various Symposium presenters:

Building Crop Diversity and the Chicago Rarities Orchard Project

David Schweikart’s book for sale

No Horizon Line: Newly emerging sci-fi writers

No Horizon Line: Newly emerging sci-fi writers

David Schweikart PhD. speaks about Mondragon and Cuba







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