5th Annual Zombie Pub Crawl

26 07 2012

I can’t believe I’m still posting things from April this year. April was a very busy month for me.

For the past three years Andy and I have taken part in the Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl which is put on by PH productions. PH productions is a local theater group. The Zombie Pub Crawl continues to grow each year. The first year we partook was magical. There were extreme over the top costumes and fake blood smeared everywhere. The second year, there was a drastic drop in quality costumes, and a strange lack of fake blood. This year, our third year and the pub crawl’s fifth year, seemed to be more balanced with less of a drastic rift between the people who put time and effort (and some people probably money) and the people who threw on an old white shirt and splattered some blood on it calling that a costume. Even with a few people with completely NO costume, not even a smudge of fake blood, we had a blast.

Zombies love babies. Babies don’t know what to make of zombies.

This group of zombies made wonderful dance partners at The Call in Andersonville. We were disappointed to be in a different group then them. Hopefully next year!

This is me in zombie mode. I did the makeup myself and shredded some old clothes (as well as thrift store finds) to make the costume.



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