Kai Guy’s One Year

21 07 2012

Shortly after I returned from Costa Rica on April 23rd, my boss at the cafe’s son turned one year old. Rather than taking him to Sears or Olin Mills for a cheap studio portrait session she paid me to come to the zoo with my camera, herself, her adorable son and his grandma. For a few hours we followed Kai around as he discovered the sheep, cows, pigs and all the other exciting things around.

Personally, I think this photo session was much more commemorative of a one year birthday than the standard studio session. Not to mention I bet it was much more fun for everyone, especially the birthday boy! Mom, Dad and Grandma all loved the photos I took, and agreed that it was much more true to who he is as a one year old than any formal photos could ever be!

While I’m on the topic of recent portrait sessions, I also took some new head shots for my friend’s boyfriend. He does theater and commercial acting here in Chicago and has recently lost some weight and his head shots were a little out of date. I set up a make shift studio in my apartment, unfortunately I only had a two tone white sheet, so there are some stripes but at least they are (painstakingly) straight!

Hopefully these will help him land some new jobs!



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