6 07 2012

The flat rate temperature here in Chicago, has been over 100*F everyday for the last several. By flat rate temperature, I mean add the heat index from the humidity and it’s been more like over 110*F everyday.

I’m so over this.

I am sick of being sticky, hot, and lethargic. Work is air conditioned, but in the back with all the ovens on for the bakery and the stove on in the kitchen, the AC barely matters. At home, we have a window unit in the bedroom, so we can sleep. Now we also have a small window unit in the living room (my computer is not in the living room, I’m literally dripping just sitting here, unmoving, just typing). We have this small unit thanks to my wonderful boss, she just gave us her old one for free. I’m very grateful. It might only be strong enough to keep the room at 82*F but when it’s over a 100 out side, 82 feels cold!

I need to go into the living room and cool down. I hope this heat breaks soon and I get to enjoy some normal Chicago summer this year.




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