Jamie and Jessie

3 12 2011

First off, I would like to apologize for my absence. I have been trying to adjust to my three job rotation. 40 hours a week in “day jobs” and still trying to find myself some photograph time has been a little challenging. Throw Christmas shopping in there and needless to say, the blogging was pushed aside.

On October 28th I had the privilege of attending the Chicago Premier of a wonderful, local, queer film, Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together. Director Wendy Jo Carlton happens to be a regular at Stella, the coffee shop I work at. She spent hours in the shop staying caffeinated while working on the movie, so she invited all of us baristas to premier night. Knowing I am also a photographer, she invited me to bring along my camera.

The premier was at the Gene Siskel Film Center in downtown Chicago. The 8:15pm showing had many of the cast and crew in attendance and sold out days before the actual show! Luckily I had ordered my ticket online long in advance. My boyfriend, Andy and I went down to the pre-party at the Downtown Bar and Lounge. From the bar we hopped in the first limo to the theater. There were three limo trips after ours, each time with more and more predominately involved cast and crew members.

After our limo arrived at the Gene Siskel Theater, we waited for the rest of the groups to arrive. Primarily for the final limo, with the two lead actresses and the director, Wendy, inside.

After everyone arrived there was a bustling of photo taking.

Everyone was already seemed to be having a wonderful time! Once some photos were taken outside, everyone headed in to the theater. There were then formal photos taken in front of a backdrop inside, while everyone else claimed their tickets at will-call and milled around socializing. After a short time, people began to file into the theater itself to find seats.

The movie was fantastic! It’s hard to believe they made such a quality film on such a small budget! Beautiful cinematography paired with believable, genuine acting, I think made the biggest impact. Even Andy thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and he’s not much for romantic comedies, let alone musicals! I highly recommend this movie to all, queer or straight. It’s a heartfelt, realistic take on the confusion we all face when it comes to relationships. If you don’t believe me just read some of the reviews, including one great (3 out of 4 star) rating by Roger Ebert!

After the film screening came a Q&A with cast and crew. Wendy gave a shout out to Emma, Liv and I, the three Stella’s girls that made it out to the showing. We were all a little surprised and embarrassed since all we did was make coffee! It was really nice of her though, it made us feel like we were actually some how a part of the movie. After the Q&A session, most everyone walked back to the Downtown Bar and Lounge for food and drinks. Emma, Liv and friend, Andy and I ended up walking most of the way with Wendy and Anne. Anne is the co-producer and a lot of the inspiration behind the movie. She was a regular at Stella when her and Wendy used to be roommates, and before she moved away. It was lot of fun to hang out with everyone from work, outside of work. I hope to do it again. It was a wonderful night.



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