Poor Car

14 10 2011

My poor car has died. She is stuck in the Uhaul parking lot, where Andy works. Tomorrow morning we will be having her towed to a shop, so see if there is anything that can be done… though I am not too hopeful. She’s had a good run, though I wish she’d run forever. I’ve had my little white Subaru for about 10 years now. She was the dealership’s loaner car before that. She is 18 years old, with around a 150,000 miles on her. The outlook is bleak.

We made it to 6 Flags Great America last weekend, then yesterday she started up, clanked a little then stalled out before Andy got out of the parking lot. At least she choice the least expensive place to have died. Though an awful weekend to die. We were supposed to drive out to the pumpkin patch with the corn maze tomorrow! There is no way to get there with out a car, so we are city bound once more. Unfortunately this means no beautiful fall photos. I was really excited to shoot. Bummer.

Fingers crossed she gets fixed. There are so many reasons I need her.




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