2 well 3

22 09 2011

I officially have two day jobs… and am still shooting freelance photography.

I will still be gracing my regulars at Stella with my latte making skills, but only two days a week now. I will also be bringing my latte skills to The Growling Rabbit – A Cafe.

The Growling Rabbit is a new Cafe in Rogers Park, Chicago. It is attached to Sweet Attila’s – A Bake Shop. So you really can’t loose. Fresh house made soups, salads, sandwiches, and select hot entrees currently including cottage pie and homemade mac and cheese or fresh baked goods! I’m excited to be working somewhere with fresh in house made food, good coffee,  seasonal offerings, that is involved in the farmers market on Glenwood, and with coworkers! So far everyone I’ve met there, seems really cool and most of them live here in Rogers Park. I’m ready for this new adventure.

I’m still job hunting though. I really still want that illusive photography job. Local entertainment press, online zines… Come on little town newspaper, you know you want me!!

I have a Groupon for the Chicago Botanic Gardens, I can’t wait to go! I also, really really really want to go dumpstering again, before it’s too cold. I miss going out at least once a week.




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