Michigan in July

19 08 2011

Andy and I made a trip to Michigan in July. My best friend got married. She had a beautiful wedding. Formal and traditional in the morning. Well, traditional minus the church! The ceremony was held in the downstairs of the Holly Hotel, the reception was held upstairs. Dinner, if it can be called dinner at 1pm in the afternoon, was a beyond fabulous 7 course meal! My favorite dishes were the Roasted King Salmon with grilled artichokes and lobster crema and the Chicken Strudel Holly Hotel with cranberry couscous, herb cream and raspberry coulis. Now mind, these were the two main course dishes, the other 5 courses were more simple like Gazpacho, Salad, and an intermezzo of rock melon and cherry ice. Either way, more filling and decadent then I have experienced in a long time, if ever! After the reception, which was primarily dinner, there were a few hours of down time. After that down time, it was time for a Pig Roast! Everyone was invited for a pig roast, bon-fire and an over night of camping. Talk about a wonderful way to spending your wedding. She is my best friend for a reason!

Aside from the wedding, I enjoyed a girls day in. This involved a Pure Romance Party and a Mary Kay party, in honor of my other best friend Katie’s 26th birthday. I enjoyed time at the beach, around a bon-fire, at the bar, and on the river canoeing with many wonderful people that I miss dearly. We also spent some quiet time around my parents house/yard. I was able to photograph some beautiful bugs in my moms garden! On our last morning in Michigan, Andy and I spent the morning walking at Proud Lake State Recreational Area. We walked along the river and up stream a ways in the river. This gave me the chance to take some photos with out the fear of the camera going overboard.



2 responses

19 08 2011

beautiful shots, Michigan is so pretty,
but i could be biased since its my homestate! lol

19 08 2011

Thank you! Michigan is my home state as well, I try to get back and visit as often as I can!

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