Vacation Ends

26 07 2011

I am back from vacation. The Huron River is still my favorite place in the world. Nothing can beat canoeing. I’m so happy for my best friend, she officially has a husband! Her wedding was fabulous. Sooooo much good food. The ceremony and reception were at the Holly Hotel (yes, the “haunted” one in Holly, MI). The ceremony was quick and adorable, the reception was a 7 course meal of amazing-ness. Poor Chris, the groom had the flu and slept through the second half of the reception, and I don’t blame him a bit. After the reception was the BBQ, Bon-fire party. They had a whole pig roast! Yum! Being the first time I met Chris, and him being sick, I still got an excellent vibe from him. He seems right for my Steph! (:

More on my vacay later… including photos! For now, playing catch-up.



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