End of an Era

12 05 2011

I learned of some disappointing news today. One of my favorite bands, RX Bandits are calling it quits after their summer tour this year. I have been fortunate enough to have had the privilege of seeing them live numerous times, both in Detroit and in Chicago. I’ll never forget the first time, maybe 20 people crammed against the stage at The Shelter in Detroit. I was one of the people whose knees were being smashed into the only slightly raised stage. I didn’t care because I knew every word to every song and it was my first time. After the show I shook hands with Matt Embree the lead singer. This would be only the first of many times meeting band members, including a smokers’ circle in the St. Andrews parking lot after another show. A year or so later would be the most memorable encounter. My then boyfriend and I were standing by the merch table debating which shirts we would buy and chatting with the merch guys and the RX bassist, Joe, who was standing and eating lunch from a paper plate. Matt Embre walked over. Two seconds later a gaggle of much younger fans surrounded him asking for autographs, and told him where their seats were if he wanted to come chill with them for part of the show, way up on the hill (which we later saw him do!). My boyfriend, an avid bassist and I exchanged looks with Joe, grinning. As the gaggle wandered off, “I guess no one appreciates the bassist.”

They have had an amazing run as a band. I’ve loved them for so long, their name has changed. I will be out of state for their last show in Chicago. It kind of hurts that I don’t know if I’ll even be able to make their last ever show. I’ll be in Michigan for my best friends wedding. Maybe I can make it to their last ever Detroit show. Their music has helped me through much of my life. I will miss them dearly, live. I will never have the chance I’ve so desired… to photograph them live, as a professional photographer. At least I’ll never loose their music.

*Don’t let your inhibitions guide your way*



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