2 05 2011


The fourth annual Zombie Pub Crawl took over the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago this Saturday. The Crawl is presented by PH Productions and sponsored by several local businesses and companies including, Simon’s, Hamburger Mary’s, @tmosphere, Farragut’s, The Call, Magic Hat, A.V. Club Chicago, and The Onion. A few of many drink specials included Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, Encased Brains, and Blood Punch. The $20 cover fee pays for the T-shirt, reusable plastic cup (environmentally friendly and economically friendly for the bars!), and the rest is funding for PH Productions, which is a local Improv and Comedy troupe.

After attending last year’s crawl, this year’s seemed underwhelming as far as participants’ costumes. I saw many people show up with little to no makeup on and no costume! Really? Come on people!! Five dollars at a thrift store, a pair of scissors (and some hand ripping!) or a saw and you have a costume. The pub crawl partners with Fantasy Costumes to give you 20% off makeup. It’s not that hard to be a zombie, though it is exhausting. Last year there were Sumo Wrestlers, a Micheal Jackson, Nurses, Hill Billies and many creative themed ideas. This year I enjoyed the wedding party of zombies and the “survivor” costume in place of a zombie costume due to another engagement later in the evening where being undead would be less than desirable. Anyhow, I hope to see creativity and carnage on the rise again next year. As being undead is always intriguing.




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