Teach for America

18 02 2011

I just had a phone interview with Teach for America. I think it went well. Even if I don’t make it to the final interview stage, it’s been a good experience and a bit of an education in and of its self. I am all about community and the building of the sense of pride that comes with the feeling of belonging to a community. Education inequity is still a major problem in the US and schools in a community are a big part of the pride taken in that community.

As for the job I may have landed at the Career Expo. It sounded too good to be true, and it was. It turned out to be another case of someone expecting an artist to work without pay. When I spoke to the organization at the Expo they told me they were looking to hire. They were really looking for volunteers. It was a disappointment. However, I did learn about Teach for America at the Expo as well, so it was definitely not a bust.

I haven’t been getting much freelance work lately, unfortunately. It is almost spring though, so work should be picking up. If work doesn’t pick up, at least I’ll be able to go out dumpstering and maybe expand on that project some more.

…and for your entertainment, some photos from Chiditarod 2010…

The Coal Baron and his workers

Team Metro Mix sabotages Mario Kart

Environmental Encroachment provide pre-race entertainment

Chiditarod 2011 is coming up on March 5th. So get a team and get registered!




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