21 11 2010

Unfortunately, I believe I will have to invest in a new flash. My current one is hit or miss as to if it feels like working. The conduits where the batteries touch seem to have deteriorated. The past two times I’ve gone to use it (once after a few months of disuse and once again two days later) Andy and I have struggled to make it work. Rubbing alcohol and pencil erasers suffice for now… but in the long run? Not to mention it is uncharacteristically munching batteries. One, two hour shoot is chomping down four full batteries! Modernization may be required.

The Festival of Lights was a lot of fun last night. I met a wonderful volunteer named Jenine. Talking to her helped the hour or so of pre-parade time pass. We were laughing at how the police were grumping about crowd-control and how we couldn’t blame them at all, since it was insanely busy. By insanely busy I mean there was nowhere for you to move if you wanted to, as a spectator.

The parade was nice. My favorite group was the Shedd Aquarium group. The semi-glowing/reflective paper (?) Orcas were super cool, and reminded me of some of brother’s photos from lantern festivals in Asia. I wish there were more like them for the Lights parade, instead of all the giant floats using tons of electric lights.

Photos should be up on TimeOutChicago.com soon.



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