Howard Brown Center Article

18 11 2010

So Time Out is doing a story about the Howard Brown Center and highlighting a few people that have been involved with the Center. The article will run in issue 300, coming out November 24th, 2010. Check it out.

I was called upon to shoot portraits of the three featured people. I spent all day Tuesday working on getting these photos together. Calling, driving,  shooting, talking and editing. Luckily Andy and I got my flash working again.

The first lady, Helena was a positively fascinating person to talk to. She was the first transgendered person to be invited to the White House to speak about health issues facing transgendered people. I think I spent an hour and a half talking to her and only 10 minutes of that was actually taking photos! She also lived an hour drive away from me. She was so glad that I had come to her, that she had made dinner, ready when I got there, to show her appreciation! She wouldn’t let me leave with out “at least enough to tide me over.” Delicious. Rice, Black beans with turkey, boiled potatoes, and corn muffins with green chilies! She told me all kinds of stories about her challenges growing up as a young gay, black man. She’s very much an activist now, but she’s going back to school for writing, so she can help make a difference that way too. It was a very enjoyable shoot, to say the least.

The second two people I did not talk to as much. Lance is practically my neighbor though. He lives a quick two block walk south east of me! He had had a root canal that morning and was ready to sit down with a glass of wine and relax. His apartment was excellently decorated, but he told me it had come that way, literally exactly that way. Bethany literally lives across the street from Heather. I also recognized Bethany from being a customer of mine at “the day job.” She seemed a little weirded out that I recognized her, since she’s not really a regular. After working in coffee for so long though, I’m really good with faces, if not drinks… and names!

This coming Saturday I’m shooting the Festival of Lights on the Magnificent Mile here in Chicago. Should be a good time, especially since I’ll actually be able to see this year, being as I’ll have press access.




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