Willis Tower Up! Stair Climb

15 11 2010

The RIC Tower Up! SkyRise Chicago stair climb was lots of fun, and full of inspirational people. Made me feel like an under-achiever that’s for sure! Some of these people overcame (or are overcoming) so many odds! It’s amazing. Also, it was my first time seeing The Ledge. The Ledge is the “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” inspired 4 feet of solid glass you can walk out on and look straight down from, on the Sky Deck at Willis (Sears) Tower. It’s a pretty awesome experience.

Anyhow, the photo gallery is up on Time Out Chicago dot com.

Time "Taged" runners check out The Ledge.

Here are the rest of the photos:

SkyRise Chicago Tower Up!

Also, as a completely unrelated to SkyRise Chicago note…

My photos from the Boobs and Goombas: A Super Mario Burlesque show were put into a slide show on NBC Chicago’s website. The photos are up on NBC Chicago because the show was so successful that Gorilla Tango Theater extended it’s run from the end of October to the end of November!! So if you slacked off and thought you missed this fantastic show, you get a reprieve… and should get yourself to it now, before it really is too late!!

Boobs and Goombas slide show on NBC Chicago!



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17 11 2010


10 06 2011
Omar de Jesus

i love this place!! 😉

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