Boobs & Goombas

11 10 2010

A nerds wet dream. Nintendo and mostly naked girls. However, it was not just for gamer nerds. I was never a big gamer, but I still grew up with Mario and Luigi. The burlesque tribute show was hilarious. I loved the script, the audience banter, and well the nudity is never a bad thing… well maybe sometimes, but in this case, it was all good. The premise? Mario and Luigi have been chasing after the princess for so long that everything is starting to look like a beautiful lady. This becomes a who is chasing who scenario for Mario and Luigi along with the usual host of enemies. Toad is selling “items” and mushrooms, after all everyone needs items. So what happens when Mario and Luigi finally get to the princess? Do the finally get it on with her, and things go back to normal? Do they ever get to her? You’ll have to go see the show at Gorilla Tango Theater sometime this month! Don’t forget to bring coins (dollars) to donate, if your audience collects enough coins you get the “alternate ending.”

For the rest of the images check out the slide show!




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