Busy but with vacation on the horizon

7 10 2010

This weekend is packed.

Today (thursday) I went downtown to “check in” and get my press creds for the Marathon Sunday and am now working 1pm-10:30pm at the coffee shop. Tomorrow I am working from Noon-5pm at the coffee shop and then at 11pm I am shooting the opening night of Boobs and Goombas: A Super Mario Burlesque show. I have no idea how late that will go. Saturday opening the coffee shop 7:30am-4pm. Saturday afternoon, editing Boobs and Goombas photos, doing laundry and sleeping. Sunday 6am downtown for the Chicago Marathon. After the marathon I’m going to the Time Out office to immediately dump my photos onto their server. I do not know yet if they are sending me back out to cover the Marathon after party. I am probably also working a shift or two Monday and/or Tuesday at the coffee shop, but the schedule is not in yet. I know I am working Wednesday morning 7am-4pm though, since I always do.

Perk to the Marathon already, I got a “Chicago Marathon” Nike backpack and a  Marathon Tshirt with all of the millions of pages of information. The “Media Guide” book is 238 pages long. That doesn’t include the other stapled packets of papers and extra maps. They are supposedly feeding the press breakfast the day of the race, and since I have to be there around 6am, breakfast would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note, there is a giant spider here in the coffee shop, I named him Megatron. His body is about a 1/2 inch, that is not counting his legs. He’s huge. He has a pretty web in the tree in the back of the shop, I’m going to let him be, partially because I do not want to be the one to have to squish him.

So, on to the vacation part… Thursday, providing Andy gets off of work, we are driving to Michigan to see our friends and families, for the first time (other than Chuck and Steph’s wedding day) since New Years last year. I am very excited to just relax, drink with friends, have dinner with family, and to go for a walk or two in the fall colors, that just aren’t as good in the city as they are in Michigan. There will be photos. Probably lots of photos, since that’s what I do.




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