4 09 2010

J.O.E. Photos

I photographed J.O.E. tonight for the Time Out Website. First paid freelance!! Yeay!

The event was super cool. It was a “Joyous Outdoor Event” to be sure! Many bizarre and entertaining performances, lots of stuff for the kiddies, and a giant walk through art installation from the UK called the Luminarium, by the Architects of Air. Oh, and some Indy Rock bands through the earlier hours of the festival, if you’re into that crap. There were wagon races and broom stick/bucket headed horse races, and a variety of bubbles for the kids. As well as a “Feed The Mouth” bean bag toss. Random avant-garde performers wandered the open spaces. Clowns wrote and rehearsed poetry on ladders. There were food and beer tents.

Then there was the Luminarium. It’s giant, it’s red, it’s green, it’s blue and it’s silver. The thing is giant. From the outside it sort of looks like a carnival tent. The inside? That is harder to explain. It’s sort of like a giant inflatable maze, but it is only dimly lit by the fading daylight coming through the colored sections of material. The daylight has a little help from some flood lights around the base. It feels almost like some kind of natural cave system as you wander through it. Many people find nooks and lay down, or just sit and look around. It’s calming and soothing, and amazing. It’s hard to leave.

There is a good reason to leave the insides of this astounding work of art however. Toward the end of the evening each night, Red Moon Theater presents their feature act, Last of My Species II: The Perilous Songs Of Bibi Merhdad. This is theater for everyone. Fake technical issues, real technical issues, love, laughs, music, cheerleaders and cannons, it’s got it all!

If you live in the Chicago area, the festival continues Saturday and Sunday night 6-10pm and Monday 1-6pm.  I highly recommend checking it out. Red Moon Theater organized the festival and do a huge performance at the end of each night. This is the first annual J.O.E.

As for Bed Bugs, we are not infested. We do not need to throw out our furniture as originally feared. We have only found two total, and for all we know it was the same one. So…. knock on wood, the problem will be solved with a little extra diligent cleaning and a preemptive attack/visit by the exterminator. Whew.

Update: The photos are already up!! J.O.E. Photos




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