playing catch up

29 08 2010

I need to play a little catch up… OK a lot of catch up.

I have a lot of images I have shot for my own enjoyment of photography, and have yet to do anything with! I have many images from Manifest Urban Arts Festival, my school’s graduation celebration. I also have a lot of images from Michigan I have not done anything, as well as a whole lot from the Chicago Botanical Gardens. There are also a few odds and ends laying around on my hard drive. I keep slowly chipping away at them, but free time is so few and far between it’s hard to accomplish much and have a clean apartment! (I think I’m slowly failing in the clean apartment field too!) Tonight I’m hoping to get a lot of scrubbing done. Tomorrow night after work will hopefully be dedicated to some photo stuff. Mainly updating my website with all of the work I did for Time Out! These are only goals, in reality it will probably take me longer to get everything ready and online. I’ll be happy just to have a clean kitchen & bathroom again! The living room, that is up to Andy.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a vacation yet this summer. Hopefully Michigan for a week at the end of September… maybe a weekend at Starved Rock State Park… and a weekend in Wisconsin. Yeah right, if I get one of three I’ll be happy!



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