Attack in Wicker Park

23 08 2010

A few weeks ago, I was sent to the Flat Iron building in Wicker Park to meet a girl named Jessica who had been attacked in front of that very bar. She ended up being late, but she offered to buy me a water or something to make up for it. She’d ridden her bike from Andersonville, almost as far north as I live, and had “hauled ass” to get there. It was nearly ninety out that day. She was very apologetic and friendly. We ended up hanging out a bit so she could cool down before we took any photos. While standing in front of the bar we were harassed by a creepy guy with head phones. He went on about big nipples and a few other inappropriate things. Jessica didn’t take any bullshit she threatened to call the cops and the guy didn’t think there was any reason she would. So she did… as far as he knew anyway, so he wandered off to harass someone else. She informed me she hadn’t really wasted the cops’ time, but since he really did go harass people down the street maybe we should have. Oh well.

So the reason I was there to take her photo in the first place was that she had stuck up for a lone girl who was being followed and harassed by a two guys. The guys then turned on her and her friend. A concussion later, the bar patrons/employees gave up the names of her attackers. Did CPD go out and arrest these guys? No. So Jessica became an amateur detective on her own case.

To find out what happened, check out the rest of the article HERE.



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