22 08 2010

Macy’s Glamorama was the best thing I have shot for Time Out yet!! I had so much fun. The first part was the actual show and following that was the after party. The photos ended up very out-of-order, but the general chaos, insanity, and gayety is ever-present.

Glamorama Photo Gallery

The opener was meant as a tear-jerker. All the proceeds were headed to The Ronald McDonald Homes charity. The tear-jerker, video clips of one family’s struggle and how the Ronald McDonald home helped them keep it all together. This was followed by the now much older (maybe 6-year-old) boy from the video, coming out on stage with Eric Hutchinson to thank the audience for coming to the show. His excitement to be on stage made the audience swoon. The opening also included a brief speech from a Macy’s representative and an American Express representative. After the opening came an introduction piece including a cellist, dancers and models flying toward the ceiling on cable harnesses. Then came the first batch of designer collections. Considering the fashion show, catwalks I’ve seen on TV (the only ones I can compare to) the wardrobes seemed tame. Then again, this is for Macy’s, a department store meant to appeal to the masses. I am really hoping the styles I saw on parade here, are truly going to replace the retched look of tunic shirts over barely there leggings. I really can’t stand the “ass in your face” look much longer! I absolutely loved a few of the jackets and layered skirts throughout the show. Everything was very textural and I enjoy that type of look. A few of the designers did have over the top and horrifying items. One designer had, what looked to me to be, sync foil pants on one model and a sort of MC Hammer meets Aladdin style pants on another. Not good.

After the initial group of designers came a brief performance by Eric Hutchinson. Followed by more designers. A few of the designers, mainly Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, were more performance than catwalk.

The Material Girl line was introduced through a recap of Madonna’s fame. The intro, two not more than ten-year old dancers re-enacting the Material Girl video, while the actual video played on monstrous screens behind them. This was followed by a group of teens in various eighties inspired outfits working their way through more of Madonna’s hit videos including Vogue, Like a Virgin, Music and a few others. Thrown into the mix of performances was a demo of XBox 360’s Kinect and the game Dance Central. I officially want one, their advertising campaign worked on me. No controller at all, how awesome is that? The last designers were the lingerie and underwear designers.  This combined dancers in lingerie with men in tighty-whiteys for a sort of battle between good and evil, devils and angels. Bubbly foam, maybe it was supposed to be clouds or snow, came pouring down onto the audience. There was a mad dash among the press to cover cameras and retrieve lens cleaner from camera bags. I was prepared, it’s not the first time my camera’s been crapped on at a show! (rain at west fest, beer at warped tour, etc.)

The grand finale was a performance by Macy Gray. The first song? Her Grammy Award winning song “I Try.” From 1999. She was accompanied by two back up singers with giant white afros and a guy on guitar who doubled as a DJ for the second song. Toward the end of her short set the stage curtain lifted to reveal all of the models and dancers from the rest of the show behind her. They danced and sang along. The audience was then showered with white and gold star confetti, signaling the end of the extravaganza.

This was merely the beginning though.

The audience quickly moved out into the drizzling, misty night for the short walk to Macy’s. Slowly up 9 flights of escalators the group migrated. A few floors up the thumping dance music could be heard and the anticipation grew among those stuck on the escalators. Once you reached the top there was immediately the American Express lounge, complete with blue couches and pillows surrounded by fake blue trees draped in gems and beads. There was also a claw machine filled with American Express merchandise, T-shirts and such. Across the hall was the Office Max lounge, complete with bowls and vases full of rubber-band balls. Office Max was giving away flip-flops.

There were several bars, each sponsored by a various liquor. A room sponsored by Fiji Water that had strange almost squid looking lamps hanging from the ceilings and a flat screen TV set up where you could give the Xbox Kinect, still Dance Central, a try. There were several buffets with various foods, including one where they would make crepes to order, stuffed with chocolate and strawberries. There were also two booths applying your choice of press on tattoos. Always a classy choice for upper-class adults.

My favorite room was the candy room, solely for the decor, since I’m not much of a sweets fan. There was a table covered in rock candy, and gum drops, as well as some other candies that looked more like rocks than the rock candy. Mini ice cream cones, truffles and cookies covered towering platters. Above this table were a mash-up of branches hung with more glistening rock candy and large cellophane flowers. Also in this room, as if anyone could take in more sugar after passing through there, were giant tubs and a wall stacked with Rock Star energy drinks.

All of these themed rooms were extensions from the main hall. The main hall was where the dance floor was. On either side of the raised dance floor were mini stages, where girls dressed all in white, including their go-go boots, and wearing blue wigs danced with hoola-hoops non-stop for the duration of the after party. I was very impressed that they could keep going for such a long time, and still be doing such an amazing job. Soon after the first arrivals made it up the escalators beautiful women were up and dancing. These women were joined by a mini dance off between some of the dancers from the earlier performance. This dance off was soon followed by the over-flowing, crowded dance floor that still existed when I left around midnight.

On the way out from the party everyone was given a goody-bag. In this goody bag was a rubber band ball from Office Max, a sample of Gucci Flora (the new women’s scent), a small box of See’s Chocolates, two sample Luna bars, a coupon for Jezebel lingerie, a coupon for Werte’s Wineries, and a sample of popchips. I added a Rock Star Cola, a Fiji bottle of water, and a pair of Office Max flip-flops to the bag, since I had grabbed them on my way out of the actual party.

The whole thing was so elaborate and creative, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Glamorama Photos Gallery



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15 09 2010

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