Lolla After Show

13 08 2010

I was supposed to cover two Lollapalooza after shows this past weekend. One was Rogue Wave at Schuba’s on Friday and the other, Blitzen Trapper at Lincoln Hall on Saturday. Turns out I only covered one. Schuba’s didn’t have me on the press list like I was supposed to be, and thus would not let me in. Boo.

Saturday night went better. I arrived at 10:30pm, the show didn’t start until 11pm so I had a little time to relax and take in the hall. Black padded room style ceilings and large, dim lights made for a seemingly good location for a concert. Once the music started this was confirmed. Minimal echo and well placed sound board made for a good sounding concert.

Now the music style on the other hand, definitely not my cup-o-tea. I typically can enjoy anything. I love variety and experiencing a little bit of everything. This show challenged this “enjoy a little bit of everything” mantra I follow.

Avi-Buffalo had a dedicated fan base, many singing along. They were very young. To me it was noise. I’ll leave it at that. After the opening act, I was expecting more of the same noise from the head liner. I was pleasantly surprised. Still nothing I personally care for, but I could see the merit in it. After a few songs I was even, almost, enjoying them. I did unfortunately have to duck out after 45 minutes of their set seeing as it was already going on 1am and I had to be at my day job at 7am that morning.

The photos I took from the Blitzen Trapper show were added to a slide show with many other Lollapalooza after shows. My images are number 180-192.

Lolla After-show Slide Show



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