Warped Photos

3 08 2010

Warped Tour 2010 Photos

Having not gone to Warped Tour since the summer of 2005, I went in with low expectations. I had not heard of many of the bands, and after some brief internet researching was resigned to the idea that all the bands I had not heard of, were not worth hearing of. Once I was there though, I was quite surprised and even impressed, proving yet again you’re never too old for punk rock summer camp.

Compared to the Warped Tours I remembered from years past, the weather was over cast and mild. The first band I watched was Far From Finished. They were a high energy act from the east coast. This was followed up with the mellow songwriting skills of Ace Ender’s and I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business. They even played a song from Ace Ender’s previous project The Early November during their set. Dirty Little Rabbits was one of my pleasant surprises of the day. Strange almost gothy rock, full of energy. Pennywise, an old standby, was less than exciting. The crowd was one of the oldest all day, containing mostly 20 somethings. Andrew WK’s crowd was also mostly 20 somethings. “Party Hard” is hardly just a hit song, it’s the ideology of Andrew WK’s fans. Singing along, and crowd surfing were continual through his entire set.

After my fill of party songs, I caught the last few songs in Tip The Van’s set on the Kevin Says stage. I was a little disappointed in the amount of pop, thrown into their bouncy bits of ska. Their fans however, proved that 14 year old kids do, believe it or not, still know how to skank. After Tip the Van on the Kevin Says Stage came Flatfoot 56. They were my biggest surprise of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed their entire set. They are locally grown as well. The crowd waved a Chicago flag, and many had Chicago tattoos as well. At first they seemed like a typical punk outfit, but then came the bagpipes and mandolin. Throughout their set the bagpipe player didn’t stop moving, beating an oversize bass drum between energetic pipes and running all over the stage. The mandolin player did some crazy jumps and jigs while the lead singer ended up in the press pit and in the crowd multiple times. By their last song, they had the crowd going so well, that they managed the biggest circle pit of the day, all the way around the sound tent.

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band were by far the most unique act of the day and also one I would love to go see again. This group is an unusual combination of Folk and bluegrass with a punk rock attitude. Washboard and steal slide guitar are the main components accompanied by vocals matching the “Corn Fed” tattoo adorning the guitarist’s upper arm. Alkaline Trio returned to Chicago for a homecoming show. Packed to the extreme, adoring fans emblazoned with Alk3 tattoos and shirts sang every word. Between acts Beacher’s Madhouse, a traveling group of Oompa Loompa’s performed. They opened with the traditional Oompa Loompa song and followed up with a few Micheal Jackson songs, glove and red leather thriller jackets included.

The last act I watched for the day was Reel Big Fish. They were the one band I went into the day wanting to see, and I was not disappointed. Pulling pranks on the audience, they walked off stage after the first song saying “Thank you Chicago, good night!” Only to come back out, and do the same thing after the second song. People fell for it and believed they had missed the entire set. Almost every song they played was off of “Turn the Radio Off” or “Cheer Up” and even a few off of “Why Do They Rock So Hard,” strangely lacking were any songs off of their newest album “We’re Not Happy ‘Till You’re Happy.” Perhaps this lack was in support of their new “A Best of Us… For the Rest of Us” a two disc set of new recordings of their greatest hits and fan favorites as well as unreleased “skacoustic’ versions.

Warped Tour 2010 Photos



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