Cafe Spiaggia

28 07 2010

Considering I had never seen the old decor to compare with, the new look of Cafe Spiaggia is beautiful.  I was there photographing for Time Out last night for the reveal party for friends.

Photos: Cafe Spiaggia Reveal Party

Being there, I was invited to participate in the delectable foods, gelato/serbeto and wine. I don’t think I have ever had such high-end food before! Everything was of course amazing! I couldn’t pick a favorite. Some of the top picks though were 8 year aged balsamic (made in Italy specifically for Cafe Spiaggia) on parmesan cheese, pizza with zucchini and dried chilis on it, pesto with sardines, the salmon with capers and kale chips, and the lake trout with pearl onions soaked in balsamic with arugula. Oh and I definitely should mention the house made gelato and sorbeto! I tried passion fruit sorbeto and red raspberry sorbeto. I didn’t get to try the gelato, as it was unfortunately chocolate flavor.  It was a wonderful time.



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