West Fest & Rib Fest

19 07 2010

West Fest was a blast!! Seeing Fucked Up play, would have been awesome in and of itself, but having my camera and taking photos in the pit… amazing! The rest of the festival was nice too, lots of cool artist’s work, puppies everywhere, a very good time. I wasn’t much a fan of the other bands playing, but the DJ sets were great! So many people were out dancing! When the torrential downpour came, the dancing and music continued, only with a refreshed energy and a beautiful rainbow backdrop.

West Fest 2010 Photos

The Windy City Rib Fest was delicious. By delicious I mean the best pulled pork and BBQ ribs I’ve had! Uncle Bub’s won my vote for best Pulled Pork and personally I like saucey ribs, so I think they would have taken my vote there too… however Texas Thunder ribs, were amazing in a completely different flavor, dry rubbed goodness. Yum! Either way, good eating everywhere! Tonic still sounds like they did in the 90’s. Which is wonderful that they aren’t trying to fit into a new “popular” sound to make some kind of come back. They’re just great the way they are. The local band before them, Stellar Road, were also quite good. I enjoyed their mellow rock sounds.

Windy City Ribfest



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