Tour de Fat Chicago 2015

12 07 2015

New Belgium Brewing is one of my favorite festivals to hit every year! Good beer, food trucks, performances, and perhaps most importantly bikes in all shapes, sizes and styles.

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Chicago Pride Parade 2015

29 06 2015

This is the first year I’ve been able to get off work to go to the Chicago Pride Parade… and it was a great year for it!





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4 05 2015

Check out the Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl slide show on Time Out!
Photos by yours truly, Bekki Y Photography

My Love, Lake Michigan

14 02 2015

BYW_6772 BYW_6773


Run10 Feed10

10 12 2014


#TeamGrubHub ran the Run10 Feed10, 10k on October 19th, 2014.

BYW_6401 BYW_6444 BYW_6451

Chicago Marathon 2014

9 12 2014

On October 12th this year, I covered the Chicago Bank of America Marathon for Time Out Chicago Magazine. Here are a few highlights!


For more photos from every stage of the race: Click Here!


For more photos of the funniest and best signs: Click Here!



7 10 2014

Well a lot has changed in my life since March when I posed last. I got a new job, Andy moved back to Michigan (without me) and my life has been non-stop craziness. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On October 4th Redmoon Theater hosted the first annual Chicago Fire Festival. The concept was spectacular. The beginning with the parade of fire and boats I hear was awesome, but with the 30,000 some people that turned out to see the event, my friends and I couldn’t see much at all. After the intro there was a long pause where some of the giant hand built structures began to light on fire. Then there was an announcement that they were having electrical troubles and were going to be attempting “manual ignition.”


Volunteers proceeded to climb on the rafts that were supposed to be engulfed in flame and throw lighter fluid on the buildings and light it. The flames would roar for a few seconds and then disappear. I guess they didn’t plan on it being cold and raining all morning. It was unfortunate. People cracked the same jokes repeatedly about how Chicago couldn’t even burn itself down intentionally now and etc. The crowds thinned out and I climbed in a bush to get a good view. After several attempts to light the structures they went ahead and had the giant hydraulic arms with fire fighters perched on top rise out of the water to “fight the fire” even though there wasn’t much fire to be fighting.


Though the technical issues were pretty epic this year, I really hope the city agrees to the festival again next year. The concept was spectacular and I bet it would have been quite the spectacle had it gone off without a hitch. There was so much planning and time and effort put into the event. At least the fireworks were a beautiful ending to the evening!



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