31 03 2014

You know all I want to do is get a job that will take me somewhere new and let me do something with a little bit of meaning. I want to make a difference. I need to get out of the city and smell some fresh air. I need to hike and canoe.

Chiditarod IX

12 03 2014

Chiditarod IX took place on March 2nd, 2014.

Chiditarod is probably my favorite event in Chicago. It really brings out the best people. In fact, more than 1,100 people braved the blustery, snowy cold on Saturday. Chiditarod is a shopping cart race/food drive/fundraiser/pub crawl/costume & art contest. The participation is astounding and the creativity mind blowing. This year had record breaking donations. The event brought in 20,984 pounds of food and $40,255 USD. All the food and funds raised benefit the CHIditarod Foundation and The Greater Chicago Food Depository.

chi_ttd_ChiditarodIX_031413Another thing that impresses me about the Chiditarod is that it is a leave no trace event… and nearly everyone honors this. The few people I saw be disrespectful in anyway were almost immediately reprimanded by a fellow teammate or by another team near by. To ensure safety and rule following by the teams a fleet of volunteer “Bike Marshals” patrol the area. This is no small feat as each team travels approximately 5 miles and not every team stops at every bar participating. The Chiditarod spans three neighborhoods on Chicago’s Northwest side; Bucktown, West Town and Wicker Park.chi_ttd_ChiditarodIX_031401Teams compete for all sorts of awards. A few of the coveted trophies include, “Food Drive 1st place,” “Rookie of the Year,” “Dressed to the Nines: Best Team Costume,” “Best Art Cart,” and “Hot Mess,” among others. Each year the organizers make creative trophies that are one of a kind.

For more photos from Chiditarod IX check out my slideshow on Time Out Chicago’s website.

For more information about Chiditarod, and this year’s winners check out their website.

Signs of Spring!

10 03 2014





Cold Sun

23 02 2014

The sun being out made the weather deceptively warm looking. It was still cold, though not nearly as bad as earlier this winter. The temperature was a positive number! We’ve seen so many below zero temps and wind chills this year that the 28*F could have, almost been considered balmy. The sun definitely added long missed color to the world though.BYW_5434



Frozen Lake MI

20 02 2014

These photos are from back in January, but I was having some computer issues… which were compounded by bad tech support issues… but I’m good to go now, so better late than never…

Lake Michigan on January 7th, at the Pratt Street Beach Pier, in Rogers Park, Chicago.



Signature Lounging

19 02 2014

On Monday February 10th I tailed Christian and Lucas around for a few one year anniversary photos. We stopped by the Chicago Cultural Center first, hoping to get some evening lighting on the Tiffany dome. Unfortunately we left a little late and by the time we made it all the way downtown, had mostly missed the sunlight. Our second stop was the Signature Lounge on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building. The sun sets later when your that high up! We ended up getting some beautiful sunset, contrasty, Hollywood movie-esque lighting, which resulted in some lovely photos for the couple. Here are a few of my favorites.BYW_5357

The first is a nice, classic portrait they will be able to print and frame.


The second is a cute one for their memory books.


… and the third one is my favorite image of the night. They didn’t know I was still shooting and were just enjoying the view together.

Fibrous Creations

1 02 2014

I was in a crafty mood today. I made many fabric flower pins, a couple of broach style pins and a few pairs of earrings… I can’t wait to go to the thrift stores to find more colorful t-shirts to refurb and more unique colorful buttons and beads to use!


I made earrings today

I made earrings today


flowerAfter the flowers are put through the wash the stray threads will go away and the petals will curl a little to look even more flower-like. I like the earrings a lot. They’re a great use for scrap size fabric, which I have previously had no use for other than the flowers/broaches. Maybe I’ll actually have enough stock to do the art festival this fall. That could be exciting. Now to go relax, watch some BSG and knit a bit.


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